The Umrao

Think out of the gift box !

The Umrao Gift  Card is a pre-loaded gift card, which can be redeemed against qualifying spends at  The Umrao- Delhi,  India. These are available as physical cards (Gift Voucher) and e-gift cards (The Umrao  Gift Cards). These gifts cards are redeemable for multiple transactions against accommodation, holiday packages, dining, spa and other spends including taxes, without restrictions across all facilities of The Umrao. If you know anyone in your family or friend circle who is a travel enthusiast, giving them hotel gift cards or hotel gift vouchers is the perfect way to gift a hotel stay! Whether it’s an occasion like a birthday or a festival, or just a weekend getaway from the city, a hotel gift card will be a great surprise. With the help of hotel gift cards, a person can plan a stay, wellness service or a dining experience at the resort. Even within the hotel, there are plenty of things to do that will keep everyone busy. Trying out food at specialty restaurants, well manicured lawns for activities, candlelight dinner by the Pool, Private Cabana’s or an authentic spa experiences, the Gift Voucher is the perfect way to express your love. Hotel gift cards, hotel vouchers and coupons are available online on the website.

Gift Voucher 01

INR 900

Enjoy the benefits  of  INR 1000.
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Gift Voucher 02

INR 1800

Enjoy the benefits  of  INR 2000.
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Gift Voucher 03

INR 2700

Enjoy the benefits  of  INR 3000.
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Gift Voucher 04

INR 3600

Enjoy the benefits  of  INR 4000.
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Gift Voucher 05

INR 4500

Enjoy the benefits  of  INR 5000.
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